When I Said I Was Not An MUA, I Meant It…


It is the second week of 2015 and it has been slower than the first. I have no idea why but I feel like this week is dragging along and making my life miserable. Then again, that is my view and I guess I could change the outlook on things. On a happier note, I am sitting on my couch (yes, the Craigslist one) with my love bug while he plays his video game. Have you ever tried or heard of Dutch Bros? Random question but if you haven’t tried it then unfollow me. I’m just playing. But seriously, if you haven’t gone by and tried any of their drinks you need to go right NOW! They have teas, coffees, oatmeal, well you get the point. If your question is if I am a sponsor for them, it’s no. I should be though because I drink this stuff like almost everyday. Well, I did but I had to tone it down because I was beginning to become addicted and cranky when I didn’t get “the good stuff”. Anyway, the employees are seriously the sweetest and most outgoing people you will ever meet. Try it out and let me know what you think! I am unsure on their locations around the globe so you would have to check out their website.

Alright, so the point of today’s post is to, well post my favorite lippies I am liking right now (post, post, post). I will post ladies that I recommend you check out another day but for today’s post it’ll be lipsticks that I have tried on myself and have actually liked because they made my lips look decent.

1. Sonia Kashuk – Spiced Berry #97. This was my first picture that I took when I was just getting into makeup. This was two months ago by the way haha.

SK Red Lips

I love Sonia Kashuk makeup. This makeup is sold at Target. This specific lipstick is called Spiced Berry #97. I fell in love with this brand because it’s cheap but it also works like any other expensive makeup brand, for the most part. I haven’t really invested my time to research this brand but I fell in love with her brushes and makeup. I plan to collect most of her lippies in the near future. Every product is beautiful.

2. NYX – Simply Vamp in Enamored SV 01

Vamp Lips

Man oh man, saying I am hooked is an understatement. I discovered this brand through some of my fav MUA’s. I literally would go shopping for this brand every weekend. Not only because it was cheap but because everything they have to offer. I fell in love from the very start and I cannot wait to try out the rest of the products. This lipstick is called Simply Vamp in Enamored SV 01. It stayed on all day and it looked great for the temporary Winter that we had here in Arizona.

3. NYX – Butter MLS21

Butter Lips

I became obsessed over this one. It is great for a simple look to go make errands or go to the park and walk your dog(if you have one, you can just pretend if you don’t). When I applied it, I was surprised because it was so smooth on my lips! By the way, NYX is sold at Ulta.

4. Essence – Satin Mauve #06

Essence Lips

Another brand that is also cheap but looks great! I really love how this lip liner lasts almost the whole day. I love it so much that I am almost out of it!

5. Rimmel London – Coffee Shimmer #264

Revlon Lips

This lipstick is definitely true to its name. It smells like coffee and it shimmers! This one is great for a night out with friends, your boyfriend, or self. If you’re by yourself then just call your (me) girl over and I’ll be there! That’s if you live in Arizona haha.

6. NYC Eyeliner #832 Bold Brown & NYX Eye/Brow Pencil #904 Light Brown

Brown lips

One day I decided to just mix up some colors and I was not disappointed by the combination. I really loved how it looked on my lips and they made my lips look fuller.

Brown lips2

Different lighting but love how the picture turned out.

Brown lips3

Same lipstick combination, different lighting.

Like my title says, I am not an MUA but I am beginning to enjoy makeup. I think it is beautiful how each and every MUA has their own style of applying makeup. I always love finding new ladies with their passion in makeup and I learn everyday. I also want to apologize for the different lightings and how the pictures were taken. I don’t have a camera yet, but hopefully soon I will.

I hope this was useful to you and I will post more pictures in the future. For now, if you want to be updated on my life (because I am that interesting) follow me on Instagram: jlizette. I will follow you back, promise.

Hope your week is going faster than mine and let me know if there are any brands out there that I should try! (:

– xoxo jojo ❤

P.S. – I received this as a Christmas present. The brushes are Sonia Kashuk holiday limited edition. The eyeshadows are Sephora.


Isn’t it a beautiful sight?! ❤