A New Chapter Filled With Adventure


I want to begin by saying Happy New Year’s! Thank you for the love and support since I have began my blog. Although I have not been very active (here it goes) I will do my very best this year.

I am sure everyone has heard those that are saying “New Year New Me” and the others that say “I’m tired of seeing ‘New Year New Me'”. Well, I am not tired of seeing people saying that this year they will do their best to become a better individual. Why are there people even saying they are tired of seeing them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Why should they be worried about other people’s life’s? If they failed this year or the year before well then let them. At least they plan to try.

We as the people should be supporting each other and not bringing each other down. I am not saying let there be world peace but I mean come on. I look at every single person that is on my friend’s list and I notice a repetition. Some become supportive of others and want others to succeed and become better. Then, the end of the year comes and they start to say they are “tired” of people saying they will try to succeed in the upcoming year.

Then again, there are two sides to every story. Maybe they had a friend that will not change and their post was directed for them but either way, stick to your word.

I apologize for sounding upset or anything. I guess I fall under the category of those posts that are annoying for blabbering away and “hating” on other people. If I do, well so be it. I am not here to hide my feelings and what I think.

Anyway, enough about that. I have exciting plans coming up for this new year. I can finally say what I will be majoring in which is Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Business and English. It sounds all cool but it’s actually not that different from a double major.

Sometimes, I think about how my friends will be graduating college before me. Then, I am grateful for everything that has happened to me this year. I feel as though I have learned so much about myself, those around me, and most importantly my mother and aunt. We have grown closer than ever before and I am truly blessed.

Plus, I get to go to my friends graduation and they can ALL come to mine. If you notice, most of the time I tend to see the positive in situations where I want to break down and cry. I know I don’t have a bad life or anything but I’m sure everyone has had those moments where they feel hopeless. I went through that phase and I am out! I’m free!

Many things happening in 2015 will change my life and I cannot express how excited I am. I have such a good feeling this year. I noticed how last year I did not care for what was to come because I was so focused on my relationship. Now, I have a very different mindset and plan to learn and grow. This post was more of a ‘hey, talk to me about life’ but I hope you have some comments about what I said or if there’s anything you feel like talking about. I want to add that I am a great listener/reader so I am here to help whether you’re a stranger or a friend. (:

Think about it: It’s a clean plate for anything happening in your personal life right now. Add great food to it throughout the year and cherish it at the end of the year.

Good luck to your chapter in your book this year and may blessings come your way. ❤

xoxo jojo ❤

new year

Happy New Year once again!

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