Lets Work From a Submarine!


I’m sitting here watching Gossip Girl and I am ADDICTED. I know I’m late to the show, but I’m so glad a friend of mine was obsessed and now I have caught on. Anyway, I ordered Dutch Bros K-Cups and I was finally going to try them today when I ran out of my favorite coffee creamer, hazelnut. I was super upset, but I guess I can survive another day without coffee. After I sat back down on my couch I thought about how I was beginning to lose my motivation for so many things. I mean, I have just began school and I’ve been swamped that I haven’t had a moment to myself to think and reflect. I used to always do this, whether I would go outside and read or take a walk. Then, I decided to create something for my own personal motivation.

So I wanted to dedicate this post to women that inspire me. Some of these women I have been following on Instagram for a long time or recently began to follow them. They also have blogs! They are either working the dream career I hope to land (psst Personal Stylist) or they are just women that are bubbly and motivate me to do better in life.

dream job

I will begin with the first row and first column then move across. (1, 2, 3, and so on)

1. @damselindior

I discovered her on Bloglovin, I think. I cannot remember, but I discovered her while roaming around fashion blogs. Not only does she talk about fashion and takes amazing pictures, she talks about life. She gives advice and insight from Valentine’s day to her favorite restaurants when she is traveling the world (jealous!!). She motivates me because she is doing what she loves. She is happy and is full of bliss. Apart from being a total fashion diva, simple and chic. I hope to meet her one day and have a fun photo shoot. I chose this specific picture because that is one of the hotels she stayed at. It was her view from her room and I hope to travel and have views like these, especially when it’s snowing!!

2. @tania_sarin

I am obsessed with Tania. She definitely motivates me with launching my own personal stylist business. She posts fun pictures with her and her clients while wearing amazing street style clothes. She has the dream job that I want to have in the near future and I admire her for her hard work and talent. I chose this picture from her because it is her dream closet, like mine! I dream to have an open closet where it showcases my clothes. It will be difficult since I have a shopping addiction. Oh well, what can a lady do. She has even launched her very own clothing line! Check it out here: tsarin.com

3. @carlibel or @thefashionbybel

I am pretty sure mostly everyone has heard of this beauty. She is so down to earth and she is definitely honest. Not afraid to be judged, but I mean who would?! She inspires me because of her confidence. On her YouTube channel, she talks about her personal experiences with difficult times she has had and how she overcame them. When you watch her videos, you don’t feel like she is a famous person or anything, just an ordinary friendly gal. I look up to her mostly in the fashion sense because she dresses amazing from head to toe. I chose this picture because she is posing in a classy car with a classy wardrobe. I hope to look successful like this in my G-Wagon.

4. @bowsandsequins

Jessica is someone new that I have recently discovered. She talks about fashion, food, and well life in general. I love the pictures she posts and she has very good recommendations with whatever it is you look for. Whether it is shoes you need for a date night or a healthy snack, she has it for you. I chose this photo because she was traveling at the moment and that is a dream that I have for the future. I want to travel the world.

5. @itsmyrayeraye

I love this girl. Not in a creepy way, maybe because I am obsessed, but definitely not creepy… right? Anyway, she is not only gorgeous, but she spills her secrets on how to achieve the perfect simple look. She is also down to earth and will reply back if you have a question or if you just simply comment on her posts/pictures. She is definitely my favorite one because of her humbleness and she will make you laugh! I chose this picture of her because she looks amazing. Also, I plan to lose weight (gahhh not this old resolution crap). Yes, I am one of those people, but I definitely need to lose something because I am going to Vegasssss! (If you have any suggestions or secrets to Vegas let me know!) Alright, enough Vegas for one night.

6. @caraloren

This lady right here is very inspirational to me in the fashion world. She posts on her blog every single day (have no idea how she does it) and she even tags at the bottom of her post where she bought each clothing item! I chose this picture of her because this is an outfit that I am hoping to pull off this spring. I love the green skirt and how simple it looks. Of course, she looks good in EVERYTHING. I am not lying, go see for yourself.

7. @nataliehalcro

This beauty is well, a beauty. I follow her because of the inspiration she gives me everyday to work out and have that dream body of hers. Also, she has such a chic style that is to die for (literally). She makes anything look good! I chose this picture of her because she is standing in front of my dream car, the G-Wagon. She looks sexy just standing there and well I hope to look like this when I become successful in my career. That haaaair. Oh gosh don’t even get me started. I want to achieve that beautiful bob.

8. @apartment_34

Erin is an apartment stylist. She uploads pictures of different ideas to style a simple apartment and make it look like a million bucks (did I just say bucks?). Since I live in an apartment, I want to make it look alive and she definitely has a vision for transformation! I chose this picture of her because I want to soon have a desk for my makeup/work area. Yeah, I don’t have that much makeup to begin with, but who knows maybe I will have two separate desks! (Ha!)

9. @sakuraconsidine

She is unbelievably amazing! I adore this lady for her hard work and achievements. Not only is she amazing at what she does, she lives in the same state as I do! So she understands how hot it is here, but not to fear. Since I have followed her, she has opened my eyes to many more restaurants that are not as popular as “McDonalds” and “Pei Wei”. Places like Joyride Taco House and The Upton are some of the many restaurants that are hidden. I say hidden because I had never heard of them, but I am so happy that I did. I chose this picture because she can work wherever she wants. I do not want to go to an office and work, unless I have a huge business being run and I will design it myself. That’s a whole other story. I want to work from home, the Eiffel Tower, or even from a submarine (actually that would be pretty awesome!)

There you have it! A few of the ladies that inspire me and remind me everyday as to why I am going to night school while working 40 or more hours per week. I know I will become somebody, 2015 you just wait and see.

Thank you to everyone who is reading and if you have any inspirational women that you follow, let me know so I can also discover them! Once again, follow me on Instagram and I will follow back! @jlizette

xoxo jojo ❤


A New Chapter Filled With Adventure


I want to begin by saying Happy New Year’s! Thank you for the love and support since I have began my blog. Although I have not been very active (here it goes) I will do my very best this year.

I am sure everyone has heard those that are saying “New Year New Me” and the others that say “I’m tired of seeing ‘New Year New Me'”. Well, I am not tired of seeing people saying that this year they will do their best to become a better individual. Why are there people even saying they are tired of seeing them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Why should they be worried about other people’s life’s? If they failed this year or the year before well then let them. At least they plan to try.

We as the people should be supporting each other and not bringing each other down. I am not saying let there be world peace but I mean come on. I look at every single person that is on my friend’s list and I notice a repetition. Some become supportive of others and want others to succeed and become better. Then, the end of the year comes and they start to say they are “tired” of people saying they will try to succeed in the upcoming year.

Then again, there are two sides to every story. Maybe they had a friend that will not change and their post was directed for them but either way, stick to your word.

I apologize for sounding upset or anything. I guess I fall under the category of those posts that are annoying for blabbering away and “hating” on other people. If I do, well so be it. I am not here to hide my feelings and what I think.

Anyway, enough about that. I have exciting plans coming up for this new year. I can finally say what I will be majoring in which is Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Business and English. It sounds all cool but it’s actually not that different from a double major.

Sometimes, I think about how my friends will be graduating college before me. Then, I am grateful for everything that has happened to me this year. I feel as though I have learned so much about myself, those around me, and most importantly my mother and aunt. We have grown closer than ever before and I am truly blessed.

Plus, I get to go to my friends graduation and they can ALL come to mine. If you notice, most of the time I tend to see the positive in situations where I want to break down and cry. I know I don’t have a bad life or anything but I’m sure everyone has had those moments where they feel hopeless. I went through that phase and I am out! I’m free!

Many things happening in 2015 will change my life and I cannot express how excited I am. I have such a good feeling this year. I noticed how last year I did not care for what was to come because I was so focused on my relationship. Now, I have a very different mindset and plan to learn and grow. This post was more of a ‘hey, talk to me about life’ but I hope you have some comments about what I said or if there’s anything you feel like talking about. I want to add that I am a great listener/reader so I am here to help whether you’re a stranger or a friend. (:

Think about it: It’s a clean plate for anything happening in your personal life right now. Add great food to it throughout the year and cherish it at the end of the year.

Good luck to your chapter in your book this year and may blessings come your way. ❤

xoxo jojo ❤

new year

Happy New Year once again!

pup 2015