Under the Christmas Tree


Holidays, holidays, holidays… where is the time?! From buying presents at the busy shopping malls to eating dinner at different houses (the positives when having a boyfriend during the holidays). I’ve barely been home since December started and for the next two weeks my boyfriend’s niece and nephew will be staying with us for their winter break. I’m super stoked to be a kid again and I know Broyce is excited to have someone to play with.

I wanted to dedicate today’s blog post about B-E-A-U-T-Y. Specifically, I’ll be writing about my addiction with lipsticks or “lippies”. Yes, my name is Joanna and I have an addiction. Ever since I started paying close attention to make up artists and the lipsticks they wear, I fell in love. I cannot stop buying them! I used to be addicted to Dutch Bros (they will need their own post because, well, because they do) and I now use those $5 to buy a lipstick from NYX instead. Okay, to be honest I still am addicted to Dutch Bros but not as much as I used to be because lipsticks have taken over my entire LIFE (and check).

Currently, I am dying over NYX, Essence, Rimmel, and Sonia Kashuk. WARNING! I am not an MUA or anything of that sort but I do make reviews for beauty products because everyone deserves the truth. I have made some reviews so far and have posted pictures on Instagram (username: jlizette). Stop by and say heeeeeey, how you doin’ (Joe’s voice from Friends).

Some of my posts will be short and sweet, just depends. Today’s will be short but I am including pictures of the lippies I have bought so far. I have focused more on winter colors or some that fit my skin. Also, I follow tons of beauty gurus on Instagram so, that is where I get my ideas from. The brands I also have been focusing on are Sonia Kashuk (found at Target), NYX (found at Ulta), Rimmel (found at Ulta), and Essence (found at Ulta). If any of you have recommendations of lippies let me know! I am always open to try new colors and go beyond my comfort zone.

Hope you guys like them and let me know what you think of them!!

sonia kashuk

Top Row: Roseberry (86) and Spiced Berry (97)

Bottom: Lip liner in Rosewood


Coffee Shimmer (264)


Top Row: Matte Butter (MLS21) and Matte Sable (MLS29)

Middle Row: Simply Vamp Enamored (SV01), Wicked Lippie Cold Hearted (WIL11), and Soft Matte Lip Cream Zurich (SMLC14)

Bottom Row: Essence Lip Liner’s in Satin Muave (06) and In the Nude (11); NYX Lip Liner’s in Cabaret (SPL804) and although it may sound weird I use an eyebrow pencil Light Brown (904) to mix it in with other lippies.

all lippies

Here they are all beautifully put together! ❤ (Sigh) Aren’t they beautiful?! Alright, well hopefully after all this holiday craziness I will have new additions. Also, in the next few days I will do my best to post more!

– xoxo jojo ❤


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