Introduction: Part One


Hey everyone! I wanted to make my first and ever blog post an introduction into my life. A little about myself: I am twenty years old, I live with my boyfriend and ten month old dog (or should I say pup), and I currently attend Mesa Community College. I have a full time job at a law firm in Scottsdale, Arizona and I am a legal assistant there. Right now, I am currently typing from my free couch that I found through Craigslist. It is a Friday night and I just finished watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Talk about #fbf (flash back Friday). Anyway, the reason I am typing in detail is because that is who I am. I like everything a certain way and I pay attention to detail. I want to be as descriptive as I can be in order for my readers to be able to close their eyes and imagine the world I see through my eyes.

I was attending Arizona State University (ASU) for two years, (GO DEVILS). Then, I was kicked out due to poor grades and personally no ambition. I went into college believing I wanted to be a lawyer so I could be rich and travel the world. I realized throughout my Spring semester of my sophomore year that I had wasted my time and money at a university. There was no way I was going to become a lawyer because I disliked the classes and they were boring to me. I had a hard time finding a major that best suited me and that led to me being disqualified from ASU. Now, I am at MCC and basically starting over with a $20,000 debt from the loans I had to take out.

Slowly, I am beginning to learn my likes and dislikes. I am realizing who I want to become.

Enough about college, I will give more insight on that later. I am an only child with divorced parents. I haven’t seen my dad in over a year, nor do I wish to see him (another story for a later day). Now, being in a household where my mother taught herself everything and so did my aunt was pretty tough for me. I had to be a straight A’s kind of girl and not depend on anyone. I mean sure it is great and all but when you tell your mom the news about being disqualified from a university, well, let’s just say it didn’t go well. Anyway, I let my mother and aunt down from their perspective but in my eyes I am beginning to bloom. I am taking off my layers and finding the real me. When I set my eyes on something or decide I want something, I go for it. No one or anything will get in my way. Maybe my boyfriend will but in a sweet kind of way.

I apologize for the long post but there is so much to say that I could keep typing and typing.

Great, now Broyce (my pup) has decided to start playing with the ornaments! Thank you once again for taking the time to read my post and hope to see you come back again for my part two of my introduction!


– xoxo jojo

P.S. – The following are a few photos of my little family. ❤

Victor and I

We met at a party through mutual friends. The both of us never thought we would end up together but here we are, passionately in love.


He was my birthday present from Vic. He was the cutest thing and still is. I treat him as my child even though he is growing so fast. He will almost be one (in human years).

xmas tree

Our very first REAL Christmas tree in our very first home.


6 thoughts on “Introduction: Part One

  1. Azu💕

    Im excited to be able to be apart of your life Joe. I’ve always loved you and admired your hard work. NEVER GIVE UP! Do what’s best for yourself.


  2. Gustavo Becerra

    It is a little weird how I ended on your blog by simply clicking the link on your Instagram link haha.
    As a person who met you my freshman (pretty sure freshman year) year at ASU I want to wish you the best of luck in whatever you endeavor! I also like most can relate being one who has not really got to know myself to the fullest because of trying trying to please others in the past.. But know now that it shouldn’t be that way. Life is a beautiful thing and we shouldnt live it in the shadows of others. Best of luck and know that God loves you!


    • Thank you so much Gustavo! I apologize for the late response, it’s been a hectic week lol I really like how you said that we shouldn’t live life in the shadows of others. I definitely agree with that and I am learning what I like and dislike. Best of luck at ASU!


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